Insolated Regigrator Containers

  • Jedar Panel is manufacturer of insolated refrigerator cab in accordance to kinds of vehicles available in the market.

    Relying on its technical engineering team and using quality raw and consumptive materials and by using the most modern equipment and machinery in addition to adhering to requirements of manufacturing and installing according to ISIRI 11889 Standard, Jedar Panel manufactures cabs with higher stability and strength against strokes, with various minus and plus zero applications and according to customers’ need.

    General Specifications of Applications:

        Manufacturing steel chassis considering requirements of ISIRI 11889 Standard
        Side, front and ceiling wall is made of a whole sandwich panel insulator with internal and external coating of galvanized pre-painted sheet metal with the diameter of 0.8 and 0.6mm in diverse colors (coating of furnace super-polyester type with the diameter of 25 in external section and 7 primer color in internal section in the contact place of foam with metal sheet).
        Body and ceiling coating with injective polyurethane foam insulator with density of 45±2kg/m3 (density of 45 result in stability and higher resistance of the cab/cargo)
        Flooring is made of rail aluminum, steel and corrugated galvanized (material of flooring is subject to customer’s order)
        Coil around cargo with Pre-painted furnace aluminum filler (aluminum profiles with external paint) and its connection with panels with steel and aluminum clinches.
        Double door in rear with PVC insulator (number and size of doors is subject to customer’s order).
        Installation of side equipment including ladder, shield, mudguard, inner and outer illumination, ventilation valve, lock and hinge are of stainless stee