Connex and Prefabricated Homes

  • Applying world’s modern technology, advanced machinery and top quality raw materials, Jedar panel has designed and manufactured connex and prefabricated homes in two following types:

        Prefabricated at site (with capability of assembling and disassembling to be used in other locations)

    Connexes have different applications including offices, domicile in times of crisis, clinics and emergency wards, military camps, workshop equipment, etc. Considering different applications of connex and diversity of its utilization, Jedar Panel designs and manufactures different kinds of connexes in various dimensions based on customers desires :

    In relation to this, principal components of connexes are as follows:

    1- Frame or principal steel structure

    2- Sandwich panel with polyurethane foam (roof and wall types)

    3- Infrastructure of flooring with wooden, ceramic, steel, etc coating

    4- Aluminum or UPVC single and double-shell doors and windows

    5- Light and illumination system

    6- Customized equipment of fixed connex:

        Fiberglass or panel sanitary service
        Cooler duct
        Kitchen cabinet
        Corrugated aluminum or iron flooring

    Advantages of using connex and prefabricated homes:

        Higher manufacture and installation speed
        Suitable thermal insulation against heat, cold and significant saving of energy
        Humidity and sound insulator
        Reduced cost of manufacture and maintenance
        Lower weight of these kinds of structures
        Capability of being used for different purposes