Cold Storage and Freezing Tunnel

  • Fixed and Portable cold storages and freezing tunnels:

    Enjoying its committed and professional staff and considering needs of its customers, Jedar panel has a brilliant record in the field of manufacturing, installing, and commissioning kinds of sub-zero and plus-zero stabilizer cold storages, pre-cooling rooms and freezing tunnels. Considering importance of reaching desirable thermal insulation with minimum energy consumption in cold storages, today use of sandwich panels with polyurethane foam core has considerably absorbed attentions.

    Cold Storage and Freezing Tunnel:

    Cold storages and Freezing Tunnels of  Jedar Panel are divided into two fixed and portable sections as follows:

    Fixed cold storages and freezing tunnels:

    This kind of cold storages are established in a covered indoor space that body and ceiling of it is made of wall sandwich panel plates at both sides (diameters 7 and 8cm for plus zero applications and 10, 12 and 15cm diameters for sub-zero applications). Flooring is made of nylon sandwich panels at both sides, considering customer’s demand and its application. Among the features of cold storages made by Jedar Panel sandwich panels, we may point out higher efficiency in preserving energy, ideal density of polyurethane (40±2kg/m3 ), anti-humidity and stainless property, resistance against stroke and sound, antibacterial nature of it due to having coated steel and capability of installing and dismounting in every environment.

    Portable cold storages and freezing tunnels:

    Jedar panel portable cold storages in dimensions of (20 feet and 40 feet customized) are designed and manufactured in a way that you may transfer it to another place easily and its components including body, flooring, and ceiling are made of sandwich panel and frame or original structure.

    One of the capabilities of such cold storages is higher efficiency of it in saving energy, ideal polyurethane foam density (40±2kg/m3 ), anti-humidity and stainless property, resistance against stroke and sound, antibacterial nature due to having coated steel, holding chassis for placing compressor and complete fencing of cooling system.

    Factors effective on manufacture and implementation of cold storages:

    To ensure the appropriate selection of suitable diameter for consumptive sandwich panel, following cases shall be considered:

        Application of cold storage (type of good and goods arrangement style)
        Capacity of cold storage (dimensions and number of rooms)
        Energy costs