Air Ducts

  • Air Ducts

    Duct panels are to be regarded as a remarkable evolution in ventilation systems and installations industry considering properties of polyurethane foam as an ideal thermal and humid insulation. On the same basis, applying the most modern equipment and machinery, Jedar Panel produces this product with the premium quality in order to meet customers’ need.

    Structure of Duct Panels:

    Duct panels are comprised of a compound structure holding three parts; intermediate layer made of polyurethane foam (PU) and/or polyisocyanurate foam (PIR) that is regarded as a thermal insulation and there are two layers at both sides as a the coating of intermediate layer made of reinforced or normal aluminum.

    Advantages of using duct panels:

        Avoiding energy loss and conditioned air existing in ventilation channels and installations
        Fast installation (economic time and cost of manufacturing)
        Thermal and humid insulation (suitable for ventilation systems with high pressure)
        Sound insulation (considering properties of polyurethane foam, we may use duct panels for reducing sound/noise of ventilation channels and installations).
        Extremely low weight
        Sealed and waterproof
        Healthy due to smooth and polished internal surface and impossibility of bacteria accumulation